Please let me tell you how the auction runs & the rules of how we conduct our business. Your attention is drawn to our TERMS AND CONDITIONS which are posted around the auction & copies available at the main office. Please read them correctly & anything that you do not understand please ask, AS MISTAKES CANNOT BE RECTIFIED AFTERWARDS.


YOUR ATTENTION IS DRAWN to the DISCRIPTION of the vehicle which is displayed in the front window of the vehicle. This tells you what the vehicle is i.e.: make, model, engine size, date of registration & whether the vehicle has road tax or a current mot. Your attention is also drawn to the vendor’s declaration. ALL VEHICLES ARE SOLD AS SEEN, AS YOU SEE THEM IS AS YOU BUY THEM, THIS MEANS NO COMPLAINTS!


COMMERCIAL VEHICLES are subject to v.a.t.  currently at 20% unless stated by the auctioneer. 

There is also a buyer’s fee of 5%, which is minimum of £50 on top of the auction price. Indemnities are payable also on top of the auction price starting at £30 & increasing £10 per £1000 thereon. Buyer’s premium & indemnities are subject to vat @ 20%.


If you are the successful bidder you must come to the rostrum & pay a deposit immediately give your name & address, this may be a provisional sale or the hammer may come down to indicate that it is an out right sale.


PROVISIONAL SALE means that the bidding has not reached the asking price & it is up to us to telephone the bid & hopefully convince the vendor to sell the vehicle, this usually takes 5 - 10 minutes. If your bid is not accepted the deposit you have given us is returned in full.


HOW YOU PAY: We accept cash banker’s drafts & credit or debit cards, there will be a charge to use these cards. You can pay on the evening, or on the day of the sale, or by no later than 3pm the following day. Please note that we do not give you the full logbook, we give you a photocopy of the blue part and we then give you the green part or yellow on the new logbooks this enables you to tax your vehicle until you receive your new logbook, we send of the blue part in the name & address you put on your invoice so please write clearly & put your full address & post code on the invoice. Please note check the chassis numbers of the vehicle with the documentation we give you if there is any difference please contact us immediately.

All vehicles are to be paid on day of sale or the next working day up to 4PM failure to do this you will lose your deposit, any vehicle left over that date will incur storage @ £15.00 per day.


May we take the opportunity to have a good time at the auction & enjoy yourselves.




There is no cost to enter the auction and you are free to look around and see if there is something you would like to buy, if there is, you will have to wait for the auction to start.


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